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 日本ボディーペインティング美術館(JANBOPAI Museum)はBPマスターの個人美術館です。

 Japan Body Painting Museum (JANBOPAI Museum) is a private museum built by BP-Master.

 当美術館は オリジナル作品館ボディーペインティング談話室ボディーペインティング資料館 の3エリアで成り立っています。

 JANBOPAI museum consists of three areas, Original Work Area, Tearoom Area and Library Area.


Introduction of JANBOPAI Museum

Original Work Area

Tearoom Area

Library Area

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since Dec. 31st, 2017

JANBOPAI Museumの紹介 /
Introduction of JANBOPAI Museum

合計 112作品 (2作品同時作成5回を含む)、 モデルさん 24人 / 
112 works (including 5 pairs of simultaneous drawing of 2 works), 24 models


 当美術館は オリジナル作品館ボディーペインティング談話室ボディーペインティング資料館 の3エリアで成り立っています。なお、 のいずれかが付いている画像および周りに白色、銀色、灰色の縁取りがしてある写真はクリックすることで拡大画像を見ることができます。 が付いている画像および白色の縁取りがしてある画像、 が付いている画像および銀色の縁取りがしてある画像、 が付いている画像および灰色の縁取りがしてある画像の拡大画像のサイズはそれぞれ「500,000 ピクセル以上」、「500,000 ピクセル未満で 200,000 ピクセル以上」、「200,000 ピクセル未満」となっています。

Configuration of JANBOPAI Museum

 JANBOPAI museum consists of three areas, Original Work Area, Tearoom Area and Library Area. All photos with square (, or ) and those with white, silver or gray-coloered frame can be enlarged by a click. The size of the enlarged photo of the photo with or white frame (), that with or silver frame () and that with or gray frame () is "more than or equel to 500,000 pixels," "less than 500,000 pixels, and more than or equal to 200,000 pixels," and "less than 200,000 pixels," respectively.

Original Work Area

 In Original Work Area, you can see the 107 original BP works drawn by BP-Master, and get 3,054 wallpapers, 1,377 wide wallpapers and 1,710 close-up photos at Wallpaper Collection, Wide Wallpaper Collection and Close-up Photo Collection.
"幻実館" と "夢創館"

 JANBOPAI Museum の「Museum」には「博物館」という意味と「美術館」という意味があります。
"Pavilion for Actual Illusions" and
"Pavilion for Embodied Dreams"

 There are two kinds of "Museums." One, which is called "Hakubutsukan" in Japanese, exhibits records of actual events. On the other hand, one, which is called "Bijutsukan" in Japanese, exhibits artificial pieces.
 "Pavilion for Actual Illusions" is the former, while "Pavilion for Embodied Dreams" is the latter.

 2番目のボディーペインティング談話室 ではお友だちのボディーペインティング作品や当美術館を紹介した記事、ホームページ、BPマスターの独り言、ボディーペインティング講座、モデルさんの紹介、ファンの皆さんからのメッセージなどがご覧頂けます。
Tearoom Area

 In Tearoom Area, you can see the BP works drawn by friends, articles and web pages introducing JANBOPAI Museum, monolog and lecture about body painting by BP-Master, introduction of body-painting models of JANBOPAI Museum, and messages from visitors.

 最後のボディーペインティング資料館 ではボディーペインティングの哲学や技術に関することが分かるだけでなく、海外のボディーペインティング・サイトや、日本国内のボディーペインティング関係の雑誌、ビデオ、ホームページの情報が分かります。日本でボディーペインティングに関心を持ってくれるアーティストは極めて少ないので、日本国内では専門家のボディーペインティング作品を見つけるのは非常に困難です。日本のアーティストはボディーペインティングは芸術としてはエロティックすぎると考えているようで、ほとんど関心を示しません。その結果、日本国内ではボディーペンティングは男性雑誌やビデオのためのエロティックな一表現手段となっています。
Library Area

 In Library Area, you can study philosophy and skill of body painting and can see activities in foreign countries concerning to body painting and Japanese BP works for magazines, video tapes & discs and web pages. Since very few Japanese artists are interested in body painting., it is very difficult to find Japanese professional works of body painting. They are thinking that body painting is too erotic as a category of art and they have not found artistic importance in body painting yet. Consequently, in Japan, body painting has been done mainly as one of erotic expressions for magazines for men or video tapes and discs.

"JANBOPAI" の意味と当美術館のシンボル

 "JANBOPAI" は "Japan Body Painting" の頭文字ですが、同時に覚えやすいよう「大きな胸」を意味する日本語にしてあります。
 当美術館の第1のシンボル は Betty 様の "大きな胸" の画像を加工したものです。また、第2のシンボル の一枚一枚の葉っぱ は Betty 様の体の別の部分の画像の色を変えたものです。これについてはあまり詳しく説明できませんので、代わりに Betty 様のセクシー・ショットをご覧ください。英語ページ用のシンボル はBPクィーン様に描かせて頂いた作品10のボトムの部分です。

Meaning of "JANBOPAI" and symbols of JANBOPAI Museum

  "Janbo" is the Japanese spelling of "jumbo" which means "huge", and "pai" is a slang of Japanese word "oppai" which means "breast(s)." Therefore, "JANBOPAI" means "huge breast(s)" in Japanese, while it is an abbreviation of the words "Japan Body Painting." The official pronunciation of "JANBOPAI" is just the same as that of "jumbo pie."
 The first symbol of JANBOPAI museum, is a trimmed photo of Betty-san's "JANBO-PAI." And , which is a component of the second symbol of JANBOPAI Museum, , is a modified-colored photo of another part of her painted body. Please image WHERE by watching Betty-san's sexy shot. The symbol mark for the English pages, is made of the bottom part of Op. 10 drawn on BP-Queen-san.



Japanese social environment for the "Nude"

 As it is illegal in Japan to show one's naked breasts and sexual organ to other people in public, Japan is one of the most conservative countries in the world for the nude. Therefore, most of people do not get a chance to walk naked outdoors.
 As a painted body is not an exception, BP-Queen-san and I were arrested by police on October 2nd, 2005 while taking photos of Op. 20 on the street in Tokyo where there were no other people except policemen. Though the prosecution judged not guilty finally, BP-Queen-san and I spent an anxious period for one year until prescription.
 In Japan, showing photos in which the shape of sexual organ can be identified clearly is forbidden, even if it is painted. Please understand the Japanese constraints for taking photos and showing them, and imagine our efforts against them.



BP-Master's stance on body painting

 I, BP-Master, am enjoying body painting as "Trick Art drawn on Female Bodies", while it is also a way to go out without any clothes. People who have seen it actually do not find that it is body painting for a while. Probably it is the first chance to see body painting. After realizing it is body painting, they are amazed very much. It is a fun to BP models of JANBOPAI Museum and myself. Please enjoy my BP works and the response of the people who have seen them. I have to apologize that most of pages are written in Japanese. But, I hope explanation is not necessary for this site.


 私、BPマスターは1980年代からボディーペインティングのモデルさんを捜していましたが、当時はまだインターネットもなく、困難を極めました。1998年に熱写ボーイのリーダーズ・ネットワークを通じて最初のモデルさん、智ちゃんと出会うことに成功し、作品1を完成させることができました。当時はまだディジタル・カメラがなかったので、普通のフィルム・カメラで写真を撮り、ドキドキしながら写真屋さんに行きました。2004年まではその都度モデルさんを見つけ、合計6人のモデルさんに手伝ってもらうことになりました。最初の4人のモデルさん、智ちゃん、Betty 様、理沙様、メグ様は私の方からお願いしてモデルをして頂きましたが、残りの2人のモデルさん、まーちゃん、満月姫様は当美術館をご覧になって、進んでモデルさんを買って出てくれました。
 JANBOPAI Museum の歩みでは月毎のご来館者数の変化や当美術館の出来事が分かります。当美術館の開設直後は3ヶ月経ってもご来館者数が千人に届きませんでしたから、最近のように毎日数千人が来て頂けるのは大変嬉しいです。あらためてご来館下さる皆様に深く感謝したいと思います、これが私にとって大きな心の支えになっています。

History of JANBOPAI Museum

 Though I, BP-Master, have been trying to find BP models since 1980s, it was very difficult because internet was not available yet. In 1998, I succeeded in finding the first BP model, Tomo-chan, through Readers' Network of a magazine and completed Op. 1. As digital camera was not available at that time, I took pictures with an ordinary film camera and went to photo shop uneasily. Until 2004, I continued to find a new BP model for each time. Totally, six guest models helped me for JANBOPAI Museum. In spite that the first four models, Tomo-chan, Betty-san, Risa-san and Megu-san, accepted my request for BP models, the last two models, Mah-chan and Mangetsuhime-san voluntarily offered me to be BP models after watching JANBOPAI Museum.
 On May 28th, 2005, I met BP-Queen-san, a 21-year-old beautiful lady who loved to be nude and had a slender body suitable for body painting. It was the largest turning point and the real start of JANBOPAI Museum. She is the first exclusive BP model of JANBOPAI Museum. In 2005, I completed 14 works including Op. 22 and Op. 23 drawn in very cold season. I appreciate BP-Queen-san's devoted support. You can see the visitors' number and important events of each month at "History of JANBOPAI Museum."
 As "万" and "千人" mean "ten thousand" and "thousand people", "x万y千人" means "xy,000 people." Though the total number of visitors did not reach to one thousand during the first three months just after the opening of JANBOPAI Museum, in these days, thousands of visitors are coming every day. I also appreciate visitors to JANBOPAI Museum. It is a very strong mental aids for me.

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